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SBC DDC SFI Certified Double Disc 
SBC DDDC SFI Certified Triple Disc
Check out our new Street Multi-Friction Dual Disc!!!

SDD 3250 for 5sp, 6sp and G56 Dodge
Street Dual Disc w/Ductle Flywheel
Non-SFI Certified

Below is a picture of our performance clutch line available in
3 performance levels: O, OFE & FE.
Shown in the picture are the two materials used, Performance (O) Organic, (OFE) Organic on one side and Feramic on the other & (FE) Feramic.

 Options Available:

 1. O - Using 2 Performance Organic Facings (Smooth engagement)
2. OHD - Using 2 Extra Wide Performance Organic Facings (Smooth engagement)
 3. OFE - Using 1 Performance Organic & 1 Feramic Facing (Moderate engagement)
 4. FE - Using 2 Feramic Facings (Possible rough engagement)

We also offer OEM stock replacement clutch kits from Sachs and Luk.

Our new Dodge HD Series, all
Organic clutch package on Steroids

These are the Dodge clutch kits that we have available. If you're not sure which is the right model for you just click on the year of your vehicle below to see the coordinating clutches.

Single Disc & Street Dual Disc Clutch Kits for the
Dodge Turbo Cummins Diesel 5.9 & 6.7
1988-93 Getrag  
1994-2003 NV4500 5.9 Engine
1999-2000.5 NV5600 w/235hp Non HO 5.9 Engine
2000.5-2005.5 NV5600 w/245hp HO 5.9 Engine
2005.5-2015 G56 5.9 & 6.7 Engine
Click here for our Competition Double and Triple Disc Clutch Kits

Input Shaft Kits


ISK1.125 & ISK1.375

Flywheels available
for HD ball bearing pilot for 5sp, 6sp, & G56 Transmissions



Heavy duty adjustable
hydraulic assembly

Look for the ORIGINAL South Bend Clutch!

Part Numbers:

 Hyd-X-HD - Years 1994-97 
Non adjustable Master Cylinder Rod

- Years 1998-02
Adjustable Master Cylinder Rod

Hyd-X-.750 - Years 2003-up
Adjustable Master Cylinder Rod