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Ok guys just put in South Bends newest 6-sp clutch today and all I can say is "WOW"-"WOW"-"WOW" and I'm not talking Indian. This is it!!! #1. No chatter at all #2. shifting smooth as silk. #3. no neutral grind. #4. Stock like petal pressure. I'm running 400+HP and 900+ torque at rear wheels and NO and I repeat NO slippage. Peter at South Bend probably won't like this remark, however, this second generation clutch makes my first generation South Bend (which worked) seem like a Viper compared to a UPS truck!!! This clutch is a real "WINNER".. Anyone who wants to upgrade their clutch, should do so from South Bend. Call Peter at South Bend #800-988-4345. I have driven a Mcleod, Joe Donnely's modified Sachs, Luk pro gold etc. This clutch "eats them up"...in performance and costs!!! I guess from my post you can tell I'm real excited, because I am no longer frustrated in getting the power to the ground.

Thanks again Peter and the guys at South Bend!

posted 02-23-2001 02:10 PM
Posts: 135
From: Heber, Utah
Registered: Aug 2000


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Name: Tsifreak
Vehicle: 90 AWD Eagle Talon
Code: z4b2w9
Date: 21 Jan 2007


I have been using the stg 3 DXD SS in my talon for 3 years now and its still holding up. I have really put alot of heat thew this clutch and has never failed on me. Petal pressure is more than stock and is acceptable in a performance street car Its a little grabby but is streetable but would recomend the standard pressure plate over the SS for a street car. Over 400 HP AWD go with the SS plate. Shipping and service is great and quality of the clutch is top notch. I would recomend this over the ACT do to better quality and stronger disk material.


Name: Bob Orwig
Email: Hicountry@msn.com
MemberNumber: TDR 31D 81681
Location: Sedro Woolley, Wa. USA
Date: 25-04-2001


Just put in the 1938Con.FE. At first it was hard to get into gear while parked, seems better now with thity miles on it. Peddle effort almost feels less than stock. No slip at all. A little chatter taking off at idle in 2nd. Not really noticable in reverse. In a month I will let you know how it is when I get back from my 2500+ mile trip. I expect the chatter to get better and the hard shifting while parked to go away. So far this is a really impressive clutch that got the attention of all the guys in the shop that replaced it. They race dirt track cars and are hard to impress. Would I do it again. So far YES!!

Email: rdnovak@bigfoot.com
TruckID: "The White Obsession"
MemberNumber: TDR #32D-91628
Location: Post Falls, Idaho USA
WhenRegistered: April, 2000
Date: 28-04-2001


After many conversations with Peter and Andy, I want to thank them for their patience with all my questions, I purchased their ceramac puck clutch # MU 0087 Con. B and had it installed on April 10, 2001. I only wanted to do this once. After 2400+ miles (April 27, 2001) I can honestly tell you that this clutch does everything South Bend says it will and MORE! Peter told me that they guaranteed this clutch to hold 425 HP at about 35# of boost.

The "White Obsessions" last Dyno run showed 412 HP and 881 ft/lbs of torque. Since then I have installed a PE EZ and a HX-40 turbo. I should now be running 450+ HP and am running 45# of boost. The clutch holds great in all gears including 4th and 5th from 1400 RPMs all the way through 3500 RPMs! Not only that but since it has seated the chatter is almost non-existant. It is becoming smoother each day. You have to give it some time to seat to the pressure plate and flywheel, mine took about 2400 miles.

Thanks again to South Bend for their continued R&D in the quest to put the HP to the ground. I would recommend South Bend and their product to anyone who needs to replace their clutch, whether stock or highly modified. I am very pleased in all areas with South Bend! I feel their price was very reasonable and the fact they took credit cards was a big plus. Their customer service and warranty is second to none!

You can't go wrong with South Bend!

Name: Barry Horner
Email: BHorneris@aol.com
Date: 06-05-2001


Got my South Bend installed on the 20th of April. I previously had a MCLeod. The noise and the vibration of the MCLeod were too much for me thus the change. The South Bend is as quiet and vibration free as the stock clutch. Now the big questions. Does it hold? Most definitely. Does it chatter? Some. Not nearly as much as the MCLeod, but yes it does some. Will it hold as well as the MCLeod? I don't know. For my upgrades it's just fine. I towed MY toy box TT with both Harleys to Laughlin, about 9000lbs, and no slipping what so ever. Am I happy. You Bet!!!!!!!!!!!!!, it's a keeper.

Name: Ed Sigman
Email: ebsigman@home.com
Location: Albuquerque, NM
WhenRegistered: May 2001
Date: 06-06-2001


I recently ordered your 6 speed clutch for my 2001 3500 Ram. It was installed by my friends at Central Motive Power in Albuquerque. There is a big difference in performance between the stock clutch and the your Mu 2001 Con FE. Even though it is as smooth in performance as the stock clutch, the grabbing power of the South Bend Clutch is extremely noticeable expecially in lower gears pulling my 14,000 lb. 5er. My biggest problem was getting a connection in 1st gear without bucking and slipping when I was on an incline that taxed the stock clutch. This has been cured by the 2001 Con FE. And operation is very smooth and gives me a sense of reliability when I am on the road with the RV.

Thanks very much for a fine product.


Ed Sigman

Name: Brandon Fenley
Email: brandonF@onemain.com
Location: modesto, ca
Date: 14-06-2001


We are now the proud owners of a south bend con FE in my wife's 2001 6 speed. Currently she is running right at 330 horse, of course we have a few mods. The stock clutch was a poor excuse even stock. after many discussions with hvac about the mcleod, we decided to discuss the SBC with Blair Pine and Peter. We took a minor leap of faith and went sbc.. Let me tell you this clutch is definetely a home run for us. We trailer 3-4 times a week towing between 8-10k of horses, we now can get more power to the ground than we ever needed. I installed the clutch myself, there are no issues with chatter, the pedal pressure is awesome. This truck and clutch combo is perfect, Danelle (my wife) is the daily driver on this and she is very happy with her truck. So if a girl can handle the clutch (towing and empty) and the clutch holds the power, then the clutch is perfect in my book thanks Peter Brandon

Name:           Dee Rawson
Email:          drawson@relia.net
TruckID:        EAT'M'UP
Location:       Ogden, Utah
WhenRegistered: Jan 2000
Date:           14-08-2001


I just installed the MU 0090 Con O clutch and it is every thing I could ask for!!!!   The peddle pressure is lite, the engagement is SMOOOOOOOTH and It HOLDS and doesn't slip!!!!

When I first got in the truck after the install and pressed on the clutch peddle I thought somethintg was wrong--  The peddle was too light.  I thought it had air in the system.  To my surprise it was fine. 

South bend and Peter have come up with the ultimate clutch for us bombed turbo diesel owners. 
I have alway been told all my life that you couldn't have your cake and eat it too.  Well Peter and South Bend have proved this wrong. 

Every day when I get in EAT'M'UP I am just blown away that something this with this lite a peddle pressure hold all the torque.

This Clutch is truely a WINNER!!!!!!!!

Thanks Peter and South Bend

Name: Nate Nord
Email: nnord@maxitd.com
Location: Virginia
Date: Friday August 17, 2001


It's not very often that you deal with a company that not only offers a great product but one that is backed by unequaled customer support.

My 1938 Con FE has been a fantastic clutch. I'm running around 500 HP and have pulled multi-vehicle passes while going uphill AND towing. It is simply an outstanding clutch... it holds the power while maintaining good street manners.

On the support side, Peter is one of those fine people who genuinely cares about his products and his customers. I'm not the easiest to impress and Peter has gone beyond impressing me.

I'm sure what more you could ask for. Performance, price, and support. Thank you Peter and SBC.

Name: Bryan Kinney
Email: Bryan@Diesel-Central.com
Location: Petaluma Ca
Date: Monday September 03, 2001


Well Peter I have to say that its been great working with you and your crew at SOUTH BEND CLUTCHS, By far the clutch that I'm running now is the ONE. As you know I'm running in the mid 500 hp range with this PSD and I've gone through 7 different clutches(not all yours)This 3 finger or button clutch feels right and shifts superior to the rest.We do alot of drag racing and truck pull and then still drive home, So right there should tell you that its holding up well.Its been my pleasure to meet and conduct bussiness with you and I feel that this will continue for years to come. Thankyou Peter and crew for keeping the power to the ground without wasting my trans. Bryan@Diesel-Central.com

Name: scotty
Email: dscott@scottyairsystems.com
Location: up north
Date: Friday February 15, 2002


I can hardly wait for that clutch for the YUGO Peter. LOL

Name: Ryan Herrmann
Email: ryan@mnaudi.com
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Date: Thursday August 01, 2002


Well, I thought I would post a non-truck application. Eddie is a genious, bottom line. I have a heavily modified Audi A4 I smoked the stock clutch setup. Eddie hooked me up with a full Kevlar setup that is unbelievable! I have launched the car hard at 4000 RPM's and it gripped like a bat out of hell. Witnesses can attest to my vehicle being able to get 4th gear chirps. Impossible to do so with the stock configuration. Hands down, this was the best modification I have ever done to my car. Pedal pressure was increased considerably BUT having a system that engages right off the floor is amazing! Only rush hour traffic is a PITA. You guys ROCK!! I will promote your products to everyone and anyone I can. Keep up the good work!

Name: Shawn Hodges
Date: Friday November 14, 2003


Thanks to peter for building an awsome clutch used the new double disc all summer still feels great.going to jesup next week to put another pull on it.

Name: Steve Mikolajczyk
Email: rxmawdsman@hotmail.com
Location: Wisconsin Rapids
Date: Tuesday December 30, 2003


I got the DXD-C 6puck for my 1995 Talon TSi AWD, WOW!!! No slippage what so ever, grabs like a mofo. Had it in the car for a while, then had problems with the car, got the car back on the roads. shifted oh so smooth, the pedel pressure seemed about the same as a act 2100 (about stock pressure). I would highly recomend this clutch to anyone. This will defently be the clutch I will be using from now on. As soon as I get the tranny back (dxd-c + 6k clutch DROPS...not slips + awd= oh §%¤*, there goes my tranny) and tracks open up, ill be doing LOTS and LOTS of racing. Only clutch I will ever buy form now on is this. Oh yeah, expect some great clutch life, even with multiple 6k awd clutch drops, Lasted way longer then anyone I know w/ an ACT, or Centerforce, and no chatter unlike the ACT 2600 or 2900 w/ their unsprung 4 or 6 pucks. This clutch is VERY streetable, and yet will handle all that you through at it, and then some, and then some more again. Thanks for creating such a GREAT clutch, Steve P.S. 1/4 and WHP numbers will be on the way...

Name: Shawn Hodges
Email: dodgrdram@netscape.net
Date: Friday January 23, 2004


I pulled with the double disc all last summer it worked great,prolly 20 or more hooks on it still works great,thanks Peter.

Name: Shawn Hodges
Date: Thursday February 05, 2004


Thanks Peter for making such a great Double Disc used it all summer still works great I have over 25 hooks on it,and it still sweet.

Name: John Savage
Email: texan2hot@aol.com
TruckID: Deezul 1
Location: Waco,Texas
Date: Friday March 19, 2004


Thank You Peter for the greatest customer service I have ever had from anyone ever. The willingness to stand behind your product and help out when things dont work right is becoming legendary and a great reputation is well deserved. The Con OFE works awsome too. Thank You again for everything. John

Name: Jeremy
Email: eastsidemoon@yahoo.com
Location: Aurora, Il
Date: Wednesday April 28, 2004


I just wanted to say thanks to mansiel, sorry if i spilled it wrong, and eddie for a great clutch. I would recommend south bend clutch to anyone who owns a daily driver to all-out race vehicle. If you care about your car i would recommend south bend clutch over any other company on the market. And I just want to once again thank mansiel and that other guy for an outstanding clutch and flywheel.

Name: Dee Rawson
Email: drawson@relia.net
TruckID: 1997 Dodge Cummins
Location: Morgan, Utah
WhenRegistered: 1999
Date: Monday May 24, 2004


I just installed a Dual Disc to go with my twin turbos. This clutch holds the power!!! South Bend has another really winner here!!!

Name: Terry Pate
TruckID: 300ZX twin turbo
Location: Dallas, Tx
Date: Friday September 10, 2004


Just wanted to say thanks for the fast service and great product. I replaced a Jim Wolf Street/Strip clutch with one of your kevlar/ceramic clutches and am as satisfied as can be. The pedal pressure is actually lighter than before, the feel is much better than I expected for a racing clutch and the price was right. Thanks again and keep up the good work, it is nice to find a company that is responsive and on the cutting edge of technology. TPate

Name: Larry R.
Email: w6rtp@comcast.net
TruckID: '98 1ton 12v quad cab
MemberNumber: Diesel Truck Resources
Location: Modesto, CA


MU13-1.25 con ofe. there is not a better clutch out there for daily driven and I pull a 28.8 ft. alfa toy house 5th wheel, what a clutch,smooth,better than stock feel and will not slip.aprox 325hp. 750tq. And the instalation center that was recommended,Diesel and Gas performance in Visalia,CA was Way above average,nice clean shop,very skilled and intellegent mechanics and on time delivery. I couldnt have had a better experiance.I was a little reluctant to have anything mechanical done to my truck as I have been a mechanic for the last 40 years of my life,but recovering from throat cancer there was no way I could have done the job myself,once again a high recomendation of the SBC clutch product and the guys (Mike and his helper Jeremy)at Diesel and Gas Performance in Visalia,CA.Thanks to you guys...Lyman

Name: Harrison Goff


I purchased the o.e. clutch and luk ocnversion flywheel from south bend about 25,000 miles ago, for my '97 powerstroke and recently lost my cluth due to spring failure. The springs blew completely out and left me hanging with a 12,000 lb. trailer. i dont recommend this clutch for anything unless your truck is just sitting in the driveway and only used on weekends

Name: Paul
Email: TurboB13@sbcglobal.net
Location: Wisconsin
Date: Tuesday, January 04, 2005


It was a pleasure working with Andy getting the right clutch for my car (DXD 6 puck). There was a mishap though, and I was shipped the wrong clutch. I gave South bend a call and I had the right clutch the next day! The people at SouthBend are top notch with customer service, period. I was a little leary when I first installed the clutch since the pedal pressure was less than my stock clutch. But all I can say is WOW, I love this clutch. I look forward to doing business with you guys in the future. Thanks a million.

Name: Chris Winans
Email: twisted_shifter@bellsouth.net
Vehicle: 2003 Dodge 2500 Cummins
Location: Florida
Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I would like to extend a very big Thank You to Peter and his staff. Customer Service at South Bend is Top Notch!

Great job, Keep up the good work!

Name: Mark Stockmaster
Email: stockmaster.6@osu.edu
Vehicle: 94 talon tsi awd
Location: columbus
Date: Saturday, February 26, 2005


My clutch fell apart... Literally. I have had this in my car for approximately 5,000 miles, since last november. Yesterday I was at a stop light, went to pull out and heard horrible noises coming from my transmission area. I got the car towed to a friends house and dropped the transmission. I took the pressure plate off and found that the clutch disc was literally falling apart. The rivets holding the hub to the disc were falling out... two of them had completely fallen out and the others were looking very close to falling out. Up until this point I loved this clutch, very driveable, held the power well, however for a "performance clutch" a flaw such as this is just plain unacceptable.

Name: shannon montgomery
Email: redracer88@yahoo.com
Vehicle: 92laserawdturbo
Location: elkhart
Date: Saturday, April 02, 2005


A huge thanks to Woody at SBC, your knowledge and help proved that you guys are on top of your agme! Irecently had many problems with many other "off" brands and too many people with with "suggetions" trying to limp me along thru the process of poor clutch engagement, but one call to Woody at SBC and he and the crew set everything staight, in a very timely manor and i couldn't be happier! THANKX AGAIN, WOODY AND THE SBC CREW!

Name: Dave Dee
Email: ddee@usgs.gov
Location: Lothian, MD
Date: Friday, April 15, 2005


Peter and the folks at SBC have one thing that most companies do not today. Customer Service.

Thanks SBC!!!!!

Name: Scott Vorhees
Email: svorhees@comcast.net
Vehicle: 1997 Dodge Ram 2500HD
Location: Rohnert Park, CA
Date: Thursday, August 25, 2005


After looking around for SFI Rated clutches to meet Diesel Hot Rod Assoc (DHRA) rules, I recently installed the SBC Iron Giant Dual Disc in my sled pulling truck. This thing just plain rocks !!!! It hooks, there is no doubt about that, and what an easy install no shiming no cutting of the throughout bearing fork etc... goes like a stocker but isn't : ) its proven it self to me to be a strong competeitor in sled pulling arena, back that up with great customer service and you can't ask for any more. I have got three hooks on it so far (all 1st places) and looking forward to many more : )

Thanks again Peter

Name: Bob Lewis
Email: lbjracing1@earthlink.net
Vehicle: '87 Toyota Celica GTS
Location: Kannapolis NC
Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I put the TZ series clutch in my Celica, works great, feels just like stock, but hooks up much better. I'll buy again from you guys!!!

Name: Frank Johnson
Email: aqe7293@isd-media.com
Location: Boston
Date: Thursday, December 29, 2005


Good service

Name: Calvin Miller
Email: N/A
Vehicle: 3500 dodge Cummins
Location: GuysMills,Pa
Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2006


This clutch is very inpres,it will hold in a 5th gear burnout,after i had 45 hooks on it.For those who want a good clutch,SOUTH BEND is THE ONE....THANKS AGAIN PETER. p.s i did get 2nd in NWTRUCKPULLERS ,right behind shawn hodges...

Name: Steven Cole
Email: s-c-aads9911@superfancyemail.com
Date: Friday, April 28, 2006


I enjoyed your site

Name: Calvin Miller
Vehicle: Runnin`in the Red
Location: GuysMills,Pa
Date: Sunday, July 09, 2006


Thanks again PETER,this clutch is holding up real GOOD,FULLPULLPRODUTIONS street DIESEL Class is a VERY STRONG class,and were trying are BEST to stay competitive.

Name: Denny Hao
Email: denny@truckblog.com
Vehicle: 2002 Ford F250 Superduty
Location: Seattle, WA
Date: Monday, July 10, 2006


Peter set me up with the 3850 Dual Disc pulling clutch. He said that this is the biggest, baddest, dual disc clutch he can fit on the ZF Six Speed. And it's the truth! This this works GREAT in the friction zone when I'm sled pulling. Right foot to the floor, and feather the left foot. No heat, smooth engagement, and once it hooks up, 100% of the power is transfered to the tires!

And the best part? The STOCK pedal effort. If it weren't for the clutch second disc rattling when I have the clutch disengaged, I wouldn't be able to tell that it's a dual disc!

Name: Paul Jordan
Email: plymouth_duster@hotmail.com
Vehicle: 1995 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 Diesel
Location: Butte, Montana
Date: Friday, August 18, 2006


Just installed a MU 0090 Con. O. There was a huge difference as soon as I drove it from the garage. The peddle feel is much BETTER than stock, and absolutely no chatter from a stop. The truck has a few modifications, bringing it around 300 horse, 700 ft. lbs. The stock clutch held like a trooper, but is nothing compared to this awesome clutch. No noise, no slippage while pulling my race trailer. Feels like a brand new truck. Thanks for the great product, and I'm recommending you to my diesel-driving friends.

Name: Caleb Clifton
Email: calebclifton@starband.net
Vehicle: '02 CTD
Location: Lampasas, TX
Date: Saturday, August 19, 2006


I installed the SBC 3600/12cb Dual Disk in my 02 ETH a few weeks ago. I have almost 3k on it so far, and man, this thing is great! Pedal effort with new hydraulics is a tad firmer than stock but actually feels better than the factory clutch. DD rattle is barely noticible. And it holds the power!Backing a trailer is a breeze, as is stop and go driving. I am very impressed with this product. It feels better than stock! Thanks SBC!

Name: calvin  miller
Email: turbodude1@alltel.net
Vehicle: 2002 3500 Dodge
Location: GuysMills,Pa
Date: Monday, September 04, 2006


Hey PETER&WOODY,Thanks for building a GREAT CLUTCH,I took FIRST place pts. In the USA EAST STR DIESEL CLASS for 2006 season.You GUYS rule the clutch market.Thanks Again,CALVIN

Name: Jim Dobson
Email: uc_Dobson1955@spatzer.com
Vehicle: none
Date: Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Your site is very useful.

Name: texas
Location: texas
Date: Thursday, November 09, 2006


dont buy a val air clutch buy southbend val air is junk made in china not in house like dan says dan lies cheat and steal buy south ben not val air

Name: RobertP
Vehicle: 2005 Ram CTD
Location: MD
Date: Saturday, December 16, 2006


I installed southbends con ofe conversion kit after having the Valair ceramic in for about a month and almost sheering off my input shaft due to bad design. after talking to peter i yanked out that valair piece. and installed my new SBC OFE kit and couldnt be happier. moral of the story do it right the first time get a Southbend Clutch and be happy.


Name:    Stxsrt
Vehicle: Dodge Srt4
Code:    z4b2w9
Date:    24 Jun 2008


I have the stg3 modular clutch and the clutch pedal feels great, engagement is precise! Not to sloppy and not to grabby. I have 416 hp & 440 trq. I drag this car every friday night for about 8 months and the clutch just laughs at everything I throw at it. SPONSOR ME PLEASE SBC your clutches are the bomb.

Your Name: Tim Einwalter
Your Email Address: einwaltert@yahoo.com
Vehicle: 96 Dodge 5spd Diesel
Date: 3 July 2008

Comments: Some time ago I upgraded to a dual disk clutch.  Ever since then I\'ve been having problems.  The truck simply was no longer street friendly.  The transmission couldn\'t be shifted quickly (it would bind at the gate), the truck would leap when 1st was engaged, it would grind/leap when reverse was engaged, and wasn\'t smooth.  When the clutch was let out it couldn\'t be feathered and was very harsh.  We tried different hydraulics.  We tried different pressure plates.  Finally Peter offered to upgrade me to a spring center dual disk.  Got it installed last night.  Wow!  What a difference!  Even though we went up in clamping pressure, the pedal pressure went way down.  The mrs. will now like driving it.  The clutch is very smooth with out any harshness.  The shifting is much better.  if anybody is thinking of going to a dual disk clutch on teh street, definetly go with a spring center clutch.  Leave the solid center clutches to those guys that pull.  Thanks Peter for making my truck fun to drive again!

Your Name: Don Brown
Your Email Address: dbrown@mnsi.net
Vehicle: 2003 GMC Duramax
Date: 17 July 2008

Comments: I replaced the DMF with a single. It was replaced with the ceramic clutch plate. This is a stock truck and not diven very hard and I was having problems adjusting to the way that it worked. I called Southbend, where I purchased the clutch, and spoke to Manseil and explained my problem. He was VERY obliging, and suggested that I try the organic plate. He sent the plate out overnite, and I put it in and it suits my driving to a \"T\".

To say that I was overwhelmed at the care and helpfull way that I was treated is an understatement.

Again, thank you Manseil and South Bend Clutch for \"stepping up to the plate\" and helping a customer after the purchase.

I would recommend South Bend Clutch to anyone who wants not only a great product, but even better customer service.

Don Brown

Your Name: Dan mangan
Your Email Address: lotsatorque@yahoo.com
Vehicle: 2006 Dodge 3500
Date: 17 October 2008

Comments: Just ordered a dd 3250 from Jeff. He was very helpful and informative and answered all my questions and concerns about purchasing an after market clutch for my truck. I heard about South Bend from Pittsburgh Power I talked to GAry and he told me to call you all up.I listen to Bruce owner of Pittsburgh Power talking with Kevin Ruetheford on Friday nights on XM 171 Open Road channel.Listening to people who know all their nutts and bolts on a diesel engine and then recomending me to talk with South Bend for parts that says alot about this company.Thanks to all keep up the good work!

Your Name: Chris Sorey
Your Email Address: icem237@gmail.com
Vehicle: 2001 F250 4x4 - MU 1939 DFry
Date: 5 January 2009

Comments: I just had a south bend clutch installed ..... all i can say is its awesome! Everything they said it would be! I ordered mine from the master distributor in TN. Just because of timing involved. But not before talking to the fine folks at south bend, I will recommend this company to all my friends and family.. THANKS AGAIN!

Your Name: Adam Grieco
Your Email Address: goober89@hotmail.com
Vehicle: 3/4 ton 98.5 dodge cummins
Date: 13 February 2009

Comments: I put a south bend single disc clutch in my truck in july of 2008. I have a 98.5 24 valve cummins with just over 400hp and 1000ftlbs of torque. I HAD a centerforce 90 over in my truck until I smoked it and not just a little I mean all the way. A friend recomended south bend for a clutch, so I tried it. WOW, I love that clutch. No chatter, easy pedal, and NO SLIPAGE. It grabs and goes. I would highly recomend south bend for anyone that needs a good clutch.

Your Name: chris goodlett
Your Email Address: bfd641@hotmail.com
Vehicle: 99 dodge cummins
Date: 23 February 2009

Comments: Thank you for the tech help.Great service.If more companys were like southbend the world would be trouble free.......Hassle free ,thanks would recomend your product to anyone

Your Name: Dave
Your Email Address: Deilers@mutualofenumclaw.com
Vehicle: 2002 ford superdudy
Date: 2 March 2009

Comments: Clutch works awesome, I got about 800 miles on it now, I did the 450 h setup. The only thing I realy hate is the clutch noise that runs through the trany I believe ,when luging or at a low rpm! it realy is anoying, I would of done a diff clutch setup if I would of known it was going to be that noisy! thanks

*From SBC* We do offer other options so feel free to call us.

Your Name: brooksy
Your Email Address: gotta_b_jb@hotmal.com
Vehicle: 07 dodge 2500
Date: 28 March 2009

Comments: i just put the 450 horse clutch in the big ol truck ammd man what an amazing dif... its a little harsh release in first gear but i also dino at 700hp. this clutch holds every bit of it. im impressed at home mmuch power the truck was not putting down till we installed this clutch! great product will tell everyone to go sbc

 Your Name: Rick Harvey
Your Email Address: thedieselbunch@yahoo.com
Vehicle: 97 Dodge 5 Speed
Comments: I have been running a Con OFE in my truck for the last 150k miles.
For the last 80k of that the truck has been running twin turbo\'s, 100 plate and
a set of EDM injectors. For some reason it has held the power in everyday
driving and towing over 10k. Now at the 150k miles...it has started to slip in
4th and 5th gears with heavy throttle. Spoke to Peter and he suggested a street
dual disk...If this new dual disk holds and lasts as long as the Con OFE...this
will be the last clutch that I will need to install.
I really appreciate the folks at South Bend Clutch!
Rick Harvey

 Your Name: Brian Lent

Your Email Address: brianlent724@gmail.com
Vehicle: 04 Dodge
Date: 15 March 2010

Comments: I have had the DD 3600 for my nv5600 behind a 1300lbft cummins for a
few years now and about 60,000 miles of heavy towing with over 600 hp and it
just does its job. period. Skip the rest and buy the best.

Your Name: Bill Davis
Your Email Address: billdavisroofing@yahoo.com
Vehicle: 06 Dodge Ram
Date: 22 April 2010

Comments: South Bend Clutch is the best. I have never dealt with any auto
parts company, dealer or for that fact any business than had the service and
understanding that they do. They are the best to do business with. I just wish
that they sold every thing else I bought.
I can not say enough about them period.
I own a lot of diffrent cars, trucks, vans and off road toys and NO one is as
nice and easy to deal with. I would like all vendors to be able to be like South

Your Name: Larry Schachtel
Your Email Address: larsch338@aol.com
Vehicle: 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins
Date: 10 June 2010

Comments: I recently had my dodge truck clutch replaced at a local
transmission shop here in Oregon City OR that I haved used for over 20 years.I
wanted a South Bend clutch but they talked me into a Luk Pro Gold.I told them my
truck has approx. 230 HP/605 ft.lbs which Luk clutches told them should
handle.After 90 miles on the Luk clutch it started to chatter which even my old
worn out clutch did not do.The shop owner called the Luk tech`s and after two
calls they put the blame on many things excluding their clutch.He said he was
not happy with the answers he received from LUK clutches and his opinion of them
went from very high to very low.He offered to put a South Bend clutch in the
truck at no labor charge and refund the price of the LUK clutch if I went and
purchased the South Bend clutch. I called South Bend Clutch tech and was told
the 13125 OK kit would be the clutch for my truck.I then purchased the clutch
and had it installed.The clutch has been in now for 3 months!
3000 miles and I love the South Bend clutch.I want to thank you for a great
product and just regret not having the South Bend clutch installed the first
time as I have heard nothing but good things about South Bend.

Your Name: Paul Rollins
Your Email Address: cuminscowboy@yahoo.com
Vehicle: 05 Dodge 2500 4 door long box
Comments: i have only had the 3600 dual disc installed for a few days and have already fell in love with it. it is very sold and holds tight, there is no extra noise or sound to the typical dual disc rattle, it is an all around awesome clutch, 2 thing i would change. reverse is go or no little jumpy and i got no stickers with my order i wanna represent south bend.
thank u peter nd the team

Your Name: Brad
Your Email Address: williamfilyaw@yahoo.com
Vehicle: 2003 Ram CTD w/ NV5600
Comments: I've been running a 1947 Con-OFE for approx 18 months. First off, this clutch WILL hold power, PERIOD! I have tried to make this thing slip and the only way I could do it was a boosted 3rd gear launch from 2000rpm with 3.42 gears and 22" Alcoa's with (4) 305/50-22's on the back. Even then, as soon as I burped the throttle it grabbed and lit em up! As you can see, I'm not easy on my vehicles. I just pulled my trans for a rebuild (lost 5th gear synchro) and the clutch still looks new. The release bearing and clutch fork are spent, and the flywheel is toast, but the clutch is holding up WAY better than a stock one. Believe in South Bend...I do!

Your Name: Gregory Salvatore
Your Email Address: bigblue86dodge@yahoo.com
Vehicle: 1998 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel
Comments: I have been runing my SBC for a few months and it is AWSOME I have the 550 hp 1100ftlbs singel disk and I use this truck for everything from hauling horses to hay and other farm chores it has 220 hp injectors and two box's stacked and this is by far the best clutch I have ever put in and I recomend them to everyone and I plane on replacing all the clutches with SBC as the need .
Thanks guys you are the Best keep up the good wotk

Your Name*: Robert Webb
Your Email Address*: ironped23@aol.com
Vehicle*: 2003 Dodge 3500 Cummins
Comments*: Bought this Truck new. ( 2003 ) Had 5000 miles onit. Put Box. Pipe. Intake. Bought a Cat 426 4x4 14K Lbs. plust 9K Trailer. Hooked it up.. and Blew the Factory clutch in 300 feet. Called SBC Ordered a 1947-OFE. Been pulling the Hinges off Hells doors every since. Pulling 30K Loads with ease.... Truck has 170K miles now. the other day I was Moving a loader I Bought...Pulling like hell in 5th. Clutch slipped took a tooth off 5th Gear CS.. LMAO ( NOT THE CLUTCH FAULT ). It was just getting tired.... Was Very tickeled with that Old Clutch.

Pulled Trans. put new 5Th Gear CS.. new Input shaft. New Bearing. Ordered another 1947-OFE.. Now for the Best Part. I dont know if they changed anything on the new clutch I just got. but this Clutch is so smooooooooooth. and Twice as good as my old OFE. WOW what a Clucth. Thanks Guys. These guys really do there Homework. I never give anyone any Credit. But these guys are on the Ball.

Your Name*: Rob
Your Email Address*: rob.zirk@hotmail.com
Vehicle*: 2000 f350 superduty
Comments*: I installed one of your 400hp clutch kits and i have to say that i am very happy with the clutch so far,other than having to drive almost 400 mile's to the nearest dealer.I have about 500 mile's on the clutch and have no problems.Thank's Rob

Your Name*: Jamie Murphy
Your Email Address*: js.murphy@shaw.ca
Vehicle*: 1997 F250 4X4 7.3L Powerstroke
Comments*: I am a proud new owner of a Southbend Clutch. After adding a a bunch of horses, my LUK Clutch and solid flywheel didn't last long. I elected to go with the 1944-50K model of clutch because it will give me some wiggle room as far as power but still keeps it streetable. The very moment I got the truck out of the shop it was instant hook. It had no slip at all.
It was like I had put a second chip on the truck. The acceleration was instant and strong. It hooked up just as hard in 4X4 as in 2wheel. Like I said before, no slipping just all to the wheels. The pedal pressure actually got easier to push down the clutch.
This clutch cost me half of what the LUK clutch and flywheel cost me but is twice the clutch. Southbend has won me over and I will tell everyone I know about it. I am a Diesel mechanic so word will spread quickly about how this clutch and Southbend is the way to go. Thanks a lot guys.

Your Name*: Silas Carpenter
Your Email Address*: silascarpenter@gmail.com
Vehicle*: 2003 Chevy Duramax/6 speed
Comments*: I had a single disc solid flywheel clutch installed in my Chevy on 02/15/10 by The PowerShop in Enumclaw, WA for $1855.03. The shop is 2 hours from my house, so I just drove down and waited for the clutch to be installed. After the truck was taken apart, the mechanic opened the box for the clutch and discovered two flywheels and no clutch plate. The PowerShop provided me with a rental car to get by for a couple days while they ordered a new clutch with the right parts. On 04/19/11, I noticed a clunking noise when shifting. I was able to find the cause of the noise, which was a loose transmission mount bolt, but the bolt had been stripped out. I also noticed a fluid leak from the transmission. There had also been a loud squealing noise coming from the clutch plate right while letting out the clutch. ! I hadn't ever had a heavy duty clutch like this, so I asked about it when I took the truck back to the shop. They checked it out and said everything was normal, fixed the leak, and couldn't find a problem at all with the mounting bolts. I crawled under the truck to show them what I was talking about, only to find 2 brand new mounting bolts that were tight. The owner of the shop offered me a discount, so I paid the $271.82 for the work and drove the truck home, but noticied a new whine noice at all times from the transmission. Even with the clutch pushed in, the whine would be there and change pitch as you ran the shifter through the gears. I called the shop, but at that point they said everything was fine and they were basically done with it.

Last month, I was driving from WA to MD. In the middle of WV, on the freeway, the RPMs climbed and I lost all power like the clutch was slipping. I pulled over tried reverse and a couple gears, but the truck wouldn't move and there was a good bit of grinding noise. I had the truck towed to the nearest shop that would work on a Duramax with a manual transmission to get it fixed. He found that the center of the clutch plate had "disintegrated." Since he didn't deal with anyone but Luk, he had to basically replace everything including the flywheel and put the truck back to stock. It cost over $1700 dollars on the repair, and I was able to finish moving across the country. The stock clutch is quiet, there are no strange squeaks or whines in it at all, and it's very smooth compared to the clutch I had installed in WA. The truck is used for everyday driving, with occational times I pull a trailer or truck bed camper. I've never heard of a clutch breaking so quickly and h! aving so many problems under normal use. Would you guys like me to send it back so you can investigate what went wrong?


Your Name*: Vinny Himes
Your Email Address*: vinny@dx2parts.com
Vehicle*: 2003 Dodge Cummins 3500/1994 Dodge Cummins 2500
Comments*: I have personally been purchasing and installing South Bend clutches for my trucks and my customer's trucks since 2004. All I can say is out of all the different manufacturer's I deal with on a daily basis, South Bend and owner Peter have always gone above and beyond to make sure me and my customers are happy.

This unparalleled customer satisfaction starts with South Bend offering the highest quality product to begin with. They have given me as an installer of their product, all of the right information needed to get my customers the correct clutch for their application. Knowing what works is the key to having a customer who is happy with their clutch versus a customer that expects one thing and gets another.

On the very few occasions that we did have an issue with a clutch Peter and his staff have been eager to make sure we had replacement parts in hand the next day at no expense to me or my customer.

I will continue to use South Bend and I would not recommend spending your hard earned money with any other clutch company. I sled pull with Peter's DDC3600 clutch in my 03 Ram 3500 and I tow with the 3250-5K in my 1994 Ram 2500 I couldn't be happier with the performance of these clutches.

Your Name*: Roger Huot
Your Email Address*: rmhuot@optonline.net
Vehicle*: 2008 F350 6.4L six speed manual
Comments*: Just changed my factory clutch for the twin disc South Bend. Did a lot of research and finally talked to Peter, I recommend that to everyone. I have a 275 Spartan tuner with 3:37 gear and it really hooks now. I need traction bars to hold the rear down. Slightly heavier pedal but not a problem and I'm in heavy traffic daily. A little noise from stock but nothing to be worried about. I'm very particular about my truck and I'm very happy with this upgrade it was well worth the money. Seeing the racers look on there face when they can't catch me ..priceless!

Your Name*: Peter
Your Email Address*: 4plong@comcast.net
Vehicle*: 2004.5 Dodge Ram 3500
Comments*: My South bend Clutch experience started with very good customer service from Greg. I ordered the Street Dual Disc Clutch with Flywheel and it arrived to me a day earlier than expected, I was very pleased. I removed the transmission (NV5600), replaced the crank shaft rear main seal and cleaned up the transmission for the new high dollar, top shelf clutch. I opened the box, disassembled the new clutch to find the flywheel didn't make it through quality control... It had a small gouge in it and some scratches looking like something metal was dropped on it. Since the truck is my daily driver and could not wait for a "warranty" flywheel to be sent to me, I smoothed out the gouge and scratches with a new piece of scotch brite. I could still feel a slight bump where I cleaned the gouge, probably only .010", and I could not get it to smooth out all the way, but I did make it much better. The clutch does feel GREAT, but I wont necessarily recommend this "high dollar, top shelf" company to others due to their lack of quality control.

Your Name*: Ron
Your Email Address*: rgmalavotte@live.com
Vehicle*: 2007 Nissan 350Z
Comments*: I purchased a clutch kit to replace a bad stock clutch and stayed with a stage 1. They South Bend Clutch talked me into buying their Slave Cylinder telling me the stock one is junk for $350.00 the stock one is $132.00 from Nissan. At 6,000 miles later my car is in the shop for $800.00 to remove the slave cylinder because it leaks around the bleeder causing my pedal to stay on the floor. Because I am past 12 months I am out of luck despite I only have 50% of the warranty miles on it so I am being screwed because of a 12 month issue. My suggestion is to stay with the stock slave cylinder for three reasons.
1. Its one third the price of South Bends.
2. I got 40,000 miles on it and it was still ok
3. Their time limit is unfair because time has little to do with usage compared to mileage.

Your Name*: McMinn
Your Email Address*: keithandtam@msn.com
Vehicle*: 1997 F350 7.3 5 spd
Comments*: Customer support and accountability for a defective part out of warranty period was exceptional. South Bend Clutch will have my business for years to come!!

Your Name*: Sam Allen
Your Email Address*: 1941ratrod@mchsi.com
Vehicle*: 2003 dodge 3500
Comments*: I've been dealing with what I thought was a bad transmission for a year and a half. My NV5600 was rattling like a box of rocks. I was told this was caused by a bad throw out bearing. I replaced the original clutch pressure plate and throwout bearing. The rattle was still there. Then I replaced the transmission with a known good used one. Still the transmission growled and rattled in every gear and the neutral. I lived with that for eight months until the transmission was so loud that I couldn't stand it. At this time the clutch and started to slip also. I ordered hey South Bend clutch pressure plate throwout bearing and flywheel kit. After a half a days work I fired my truck up and the rattle was gone. The transmission shifts smoother and my 24 valve no longer sounds like a 12 valve engine. The truck runs smoother down the highway and the last 400 miles that I put on it have been the best out of the 200,000 that I've ever driven.
Thank you
Sam Allen

Your Name*: Dan
Your Email Address*: doseofvitamind@gmail.com
Vehicle*: 2003 Jetta 1.8T
Comments*: The kit came with it all, Even OEM parts. Shipping was fast and package arrived 100% in tact. The pedal feel was a little too light for my liking but I'll have to get used to it. The only issue I had was that the light weight flywheel was made in China. And usually if something is made in China, it's garbage.

Your Name*: Chad Henry
Your Email Address*: work2much21
Vehicle*: 2002 dodge nv4500
Comments*: If you are looking for helpful staff that wants to help you reach whatever goal you have with your vehicle and not just sell you parts than you have found reached the right place. Please buy a clutch from south bend so you will be as happy with your purchase as I am. Thanks Peter

P.S. if you do have problems with a south bend clutch be prepared for the best customer service ever.

Your Name*: Aaron Hodgin
Your Email Address*: Aaron_hodgin@yahoo.com
Vehicle*: 03 Dodge 3500
Comments*: I just installed a 1947-OFEK in my flat bed dodge. I use it to pull a gooseneck trailer hauling tractors and equipment usually around 20-30k lbs. My last over the counter O'Rileys clutch only lasted 50k miles. This clutch feels ten times better , smoother take off, nice light pedal, no slip, all parts of the clutch look heavy duty. This is the second truck that I have put a south bend in and the other is a double disc and it grabs and goes like it's supposed to do but this clutch is the most comfortable driver friendly clutch I have ever had. Very pleased, worth the extra cash.

Your Name*: Joseph Powers
Your Email Address*: jsphpwrs@zirkel.us
Vehicle*: 2012 Ram 3500 SRW Big Horn
Comments*: I had some mods done specifically for reliability reasons as I pull a 14k 5er in summers. I had 1OFF Performance recommend a replacement clutch since he is a dealer for South Bend as well and he did all my mods for me, went with G56 EOFD and what a clutch, stock started slipping at 50k, so I had to go with something stronger. This new clutch grabs a little hard for my taste but is manageable, and it holds every bit of the torque pulling my 14k throughout the RPMs, which is impressive and what is needed. I will stay with South Bend as long as I have a Manuel transmission!

Thanks Jason at 1OFF Performance and thanks South Bend for a great clutch package!!

Your Name*: Joshua S.
Your Email Address*: Josh1engine@aol.com
Vehicle*: 2008 Dodge 2500
Comments*: I have now had 2 South Bend clutches in my truck. I recently broke the pressure plate on the DDC3600G in my 2008 Dodge 2500. I called South Bend and spoke with Manseil Washburn on what could be done to fix the current clutch, he advised me to pull it out and send him photos of the broken parts. I finally got the time to pull the clutch and sent him the photos. He was very informative and helpful. After getting all of my info to send me the new pressure plate and a new throw-out bearing, Manseil advised me he would be sending me the new parts free of charge. My clutch was well out of the warranty period, but he still sent me the parts for free. I really think this shows how much the company stands behind its product and how well their customer service is. This is a great company with a great product. Thank you very much!!!

Your Name*: Mr
Your Email Address*: Mattperson7370@gmail.com
Vehicle*: 2003 cummins 6spd
Comments*: Not very happy with sb at all sent me the wrong bolts for flywheel cost me $720 and they are only gonna cover 300 for their mistake. Not going to give them my business or anyone else I know. Take responsibility for your mistake.

From South Bend Clutch:
Improper parts can sometimes be supplied. In this case the customer installed his own clutch and when crank bolts were bolted down they were bottomed out in the crank and the flywheel was still loose to the crank. This is why would like qualified garages, with certified mechanics, to install our clutches. The longer crank bolts would have been caught by a certified mechanic. We did assume some of the responsibility and $300 was more than generous.

Your Name*: Lee Wehrhan
Your Email Address*: hotrodlee53@live.com
Vehicle*: 2007 Dodge 3500
Comments*: We live in Arkansas, went down to Arizona over the holidays. My clutch started slipping pretty bad. I decided to go with the South Bend clutch this time around. I have known about and researched the South Bend clutch. On their website, in the Phoenix area, they highly recommend Timz Performance as an installer. I called and talked to Tim, himself. He worked me into his schedule. Got to say...Tim is one fine installer. He treated my truck as if it was his own. In and out in less than 6 hours. I highly, highly recommend that anyone needing a South Bend clutch installed in the Phoenix area, contact Timz Performance. (602-359-1286) Just want to say thanks to Timz Performance and South Bend.

Your Name*: Dodge
Your Email Address*: 97stroke@gmail.com
Vehicle*: 07.5 dodge 3500
Comments*: Highly recommend to anyone. Great performance and their customer service/tech support is second to none. Best guys I've dealt with in the industry so far. And it's great to see a company stand behind their product 100%


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