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This is a great company with a great product. Thank you very much!!!

I have now had 2 South Bend clutches in my truck. I recently broke the pressure plate on the DDC3600G in my 2008 Dodge 2500. I called South Bend and spoke with Manseil Washburn on what could be done to fix the current clutch, he advised me to pull it out and send him photos of the broken parts.

I finally got the time to pull the clutch and sent him the photos. He was very informative and helpful. After getting all of my info to send me the new pressure plate and a new throw-out bearing, Manseil advised me he would be sending me the new parts free of charge. My clutch was well out of the warranty period, but he still sent me the parts for free. I really think this shows how much the company stands behind its product and how well their customer service is.

This is a great company with a great product. Thank you very much!!!

Be prepared for the best customer service ever!

If you are looking for helpful staff that wants to help you reach whatever goal you have with your vehicle and not just sell you parts than you have found reached the right place. Please buy a clutch from south bend so you will be as happy with your purchase as I am. Thanks Peter

P.S. if you do have problems with a south bend clutch be prepared for the best customer service ever.

The truck runs smoother down the highway - Thank You!

I've been dealing with what I thought was a bad transmission for a year and a half. My NV5600 was rattling like a box of rocks. I was told this was caused by a bad throw out bearing.

I replaced the original clutch pressure plate and throwout bearing. The rattle was still there. Then I replaced the transmission with a known good used one. Still the transmission growled and rattled in every gear and the neutral. I lived with that for eight months until the transmission was so loud that I couldn't stand it. At this time the clutch and started to slip also.

I ordered the South Bend clutch pressure plate throwout bearing and flywheel kit. After a half a days work I fired my truck up and the rattle was gone. The transmission shifts smoother and my 24 valve no longer sounds like a 12 valve engine. The truck runs smoother down the highway and the last 400 miles that I put on it have been the best out of the 200,000 that I've ever driven. Thank you!

This unparalleled customer satisfaction starts with South Bend offering the highest quality product

I have personally been purchasing and installing South Bend clutches for my trucks and my customer's trucks since 2004. All I can say is out of all the different manufacturer's I deal with on a daily basis, South Bend and owner Peter have always gone above and beyond to make sure me and my customers are happy.

This unparalleled customer satisfaction starts with South Bend offering the highest quality product to begin with. They have given me as an installer of their product, all of the right information needed to get my customers the correct clutch for their application. Knowing what works is the key to having a customer who is happy with their clutch versus a customer that expects one thing and gets another.

On the very few occasions that we did have an issue with a clutch Peter and his staff have been eager to make sure we had replacement parts in hand the next day at no expense to me or my customer.

I will continue to use South Bend and I would not recommend spending your hard earned money with any other clutch company. I sled pull with Peter's DDC3600 clutch in my 03 Ram 3500 and I tow with the 3250-5K in my 1994 Ram 2500 I couldn't be happier with the performance of these clutches.

I am a proud new owner of a Southbend Clutch

I am a proud new owner of a Southbend Clutch. After adding a a bunch of horses, my LUK Clutch and solid flywheel didn't last long. I elected to go with the 1944-50K model of clutch because it will give me some wiggle room as far as power but still keeps it streetable. The very moment I got the truck out of the shop it was instant hook. It had no slip at all.

It was like I had put a second chip on the truck. The acceleration was instant and strong. It hooked up just as hard in 4X4 as in 2wheel. Like I said before, no slipping just all to the wheels. The pedal pressure actually got easier to push down the clutch.

This clutch cost me half of what the LUK clutch and flywheel cost me but is twice the clutch. Southbend has won me over and I will tell everyone I know about it. I am a Diesel mechanic so word will spread quickly about how this clutch and Southbend is the way to go. Thanks a lot guys.

This Clutch is so smooooooooooth and Twice as good as my old OFE

Bought this Truck new. ( 2003 ) Had 5000 miles onit. Put Box. Pipe. Intake. Bought a Cat 426 4x4 14K Lbs. plust 9K Trailer. Hooked it up.. and Blew the Factory clutch in 300 feet. Called SBC Ordered a 1947-OFE. Been pulling the Hinges off Hells doors every since. Pulling 30K Loads with ease.... Truck has 170K miles now. the other day I was Moving a loader I Bought...Pulling like hell in 5th. Clutch slipped took a tooth off 5th Gear CS.. LMAO ( NOT THE CLUTCH FAULT ). It was just getting tired.... Was Very tickeled with that Old Clutch.

Pulled Trans. put new 5Th Gear CS.. new Input shaft. New Bearing. Ordered another 1947-OFE.. Now for the Best Part. I dont know if they changed anything on the new clutch I just got. but this Clutch is so smooooooooooth. and Twice as good as my old OFE. WOW what a Clucth. Thanks Guys. These guys really do there Homework. I never give anyone any Credit. But these guys are on the Ball.

I have been running my SBC for a few months and it is AWESOME

I have been running my SBC for a few months and it is AWESOME I have the 550 hp 1100ftlbs single disk and I use this truck for everything from hauling horses to hay and other farm chores it has 220 hp injectors and two box's stacked and this is by far the best clutch I have ever put in and I recommend them to everyone and I plane on replacing all the clutches with SBC as the need.

Thanks guys you are the Best keep up the good work 

NO one is as nice and easy to deal with

South Bend Clutch is the best. I have never dealt with any auto parts company, dealer or for that fact any business than had the service and understanding that they do. They are the best to do business with. I just wish that they sold everything else I bought.

I can not say enough about them period. I own a lot of diffrent cars, trucks, vans and off road toys and NO one is as nice and easy to deal with. I would like all vendors to be able to be like South 

I really appreciate the folks at South Bend Clutch!

I have been running a Con OFE in my truck for the last 150k miles. For the last 80k of that the truck has been running twin turbo's, 100 plate and a set of EDM injectors. For some reason it has held the power in everyday driving and towing over 10k.

Now at the 150k has started to slip in 4th and 5th gears with heavy throttle. Spoke to Peter and he suggested a street dual disk...If this new dual disk holds and lasts as long as the Con OFE...this will be the last clutch that I will need to install.

I really appreciate the folks at South Bend Clutch!

Thanks I would recommend your product to anyone

Thank you for the tech help. Great service. If more company’s were like south bend the world would be trouble free.......Hassle free ,thanks I would recommend your product to anyone